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Relieable quality since 465 years.

Our History

The Gugg company was founded in the year 1550. For consistent quality, high skill, responsibility and accountability, as well as special dedication to the profession, the house was awarded the title "königlich bayerische Glocken und Stückgießerei" ( Royal Bavarian bells and pieces foundry ).

We from the the Gugg company have made it our mission for 9 generations now, to pour in metal a true and genuine image of the model crated by the artist.

In a continuation of tradition, expertise and lots of craftsmanship, today capable metal casters, master molders as well as mechanical enineers provide the implementation, preservation and dissemination of this knowledge. We also do a lot for young talent. The house Gugg takes this task very seriously and our success speaks for itself, because the apprenticeship has already brought forth a national winner in the metal caster and molder's craft.

Altes Gebäude Production facilities around 1900


In 1982 the company was relocated to the industrial park Straubing-East, its current location

Neues Gebäude


The Bavarian Broadcasting Company ( Bayerischer Rundfunk ) created a documentary about our house. It can be seen here. ( German audio only ). Our contribution starts exactly at minute 31. Please fast forward.