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Maintenance Of Bells

A name, a house stands for quality

The house of "Gugg" is manufacturing bells sins 1550 worldwide and focuses specially on the high quality of maintenance regarding bells, ringing machines and tower clocks. Our work ist based on "Sichere Kirchtürme und Glockenträger" (safe steeples and bell towers).


Safe steeples and bell towers


Bell system with bell frame, bells and bell fittings


Sample ringing, checking for solid and proper seating of the bell system in all axes; examination whether bearings, bearing plates and thrust protections are in good condition.


Work to be done:

Replacing of missing screws, tightening of loose screws, lubricating of all bearings, checking of the fixed number of strikes, creating an audit report on the status of the system, work carried out and recommended repairs etc.



Electric bell ringing system with electric distribution


Test of electrical equipment and machinery, further fixtures, motors, control units, check of all moving parts for faultness running and correct adjustment, controlling of the wheels in the ringing system for correct seating and concentricity of chains, wire ropes, pinions, etc. Checking of the safety of the main switchboard inluding its indicator lights.


Work to be done:

Tightening of loose parts, re-oiling of moving parts, re-tensioning of the ringing wires and readjustment of the engines.





Bell tower systems


Inspection of the installation, checking of all fasteners for tightness, comparing of the time shown on the outer dials for uniformity, syncronicity with the hammer works, if necessary adjust to the proper position, checking of the electrical distribution for good insulation and secure attachment.


Work to be done:

Tightening of loose fasteners, oiling of bearings and sliding surfaces, adjustment of pointer position (if necessary); creation of an audit report on the state of the system, work carried out and eventually recommended repairs.  

At your wish, we will walk you through the checklist according to VBG "Sichere Kirchtürme und Glockenträger" (safe steeples and bell towers), additionally maintenance of ladders, stairs, electrical systems, doors, bird protection etc.

We can also create operating instructions for steeples and curch clocks and mount them in an easily accessible place.



Repairs and restoration with the right know how!

We also untertake the restoration of cracked bells. By using the right welding technology, we are able to perform all repairs expertly and promptly.

Ask us - we will gladly advise you without obligation.