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Relieable quality since 465 years.

Anton Gugg e.K.

A name, a home, a guarantee of quality since 1550!



The successful interplay between artist, fire, metal, qualified staff and professional craftsmanship.



The result: casting art in perfection.


Renowned artists have relied on the experience and skill of Gugg for generations. The exceptional flexibility, the high craftsmanship and the reliability of the house make Gugg a competent partner.



We of Gugg have made it our mission to create - hand in hand with the artist - a true and genuine image of his model in metal. Respect for intellectual property is paramount. The proverbially known Gugg quality and technical know-how make nearly every wish of our customers possible.



The choice of materials is entirely up to the artist - from various bronze alloys to aluminum, brass, tombac, zinc, iron or even silver.