Relieable quality since 465 years.


The artistic cast - exact, plastic, incorruptible - the exact likeness of the artist's model.

We did develop a special welding tecnology enabling color-identical welding; even after many years the weld seam remains invisible.


We pour - among others -  in brass, silicon tombac, zinc, RG9, RG7, RG5, silver, nickel silver, aluminum bronze, GBZ, zamak and aluminum with all alloying constituents.


Through cooperation with other production and engineering companies we generate synergies for our customers.


The demands of the artist from the foundry are clear - to convert the model entrusted to us into metal without adding anything and without leaving anything out. We of Gugg have made this our mission - without compromise.
At Gugg artistic freedom in shape and material ist virtually unlimited.
The Gugg corporate motto:
"There's no 'no can do' at Gugg"